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The Self-Firm and Cooperative Projects


The principle of project consists in geoinformatic modelling with topological generalizing algorithm. It proceeds in practice from localization of basic territorial entities of municipalities of the Czech Republic. The solution makes use of set of generalization programmes with modified techniques of generalized graph creation with reference to algorithm limitation (topologic, metric, and in terms of thematic attributes) so that the superior settlements were found, and to them corresponding regions integrated from origin basic territorial entities were determined. The basic territorial entities respect physiographical features of ground and the traffic systém of specific spaces, because they were developed from historical cadastral areas. The similar features present the integrated regions of superior settlements. The designed modelling is in so far universal as it can be applicated for cartography as well as for geoinformatic determination of economic, energetic, agricultural, ecological, health and other potentials.
The created models were put to the simulation at different levels. The visualization illustrates the attained situation for Karlovy Vary province – modelling with topological generalizing algorithm, the state after evaluation modifications, and after simulation at municipalities level.

topol-model1-m.gif, 4 kB topol-model2-m.gif, 4 kB topol-model3-m.gif, 6 kB

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