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The Self-Firm and Cooperative Projects


The regions with less friendly conditions for agriculture exist in every state. The national standards on the base of climatic regionalization are possible used to determination of mentioned regions, beside of parametrs specified by European Union.

In this interpretation we can model upon

  • duration of period with dominant temperatures above 10°C, so-called vegetation season
  • quantity of annual rainfalls
  • duration of main drought period

Values of criterions we can choose in this manner

  • duration of vegetation period ≤ 164 days
  • quantity of annual rainfalls ≤ 540 mm
  • duration of main drought period ≥ 233 days

The conditions can be accepted for submission of concrete cadastral area to the region, when selected values are accepted for more than 40% of its cadastral area.

The proces sis vizualized for Rakovnik distrikt.
reg-model1-m.gif, 6 kB reg-model2-m.gif, 6 kB reg-model3-m.gif, 5 kB reg-model4-m.gif, 8 kB

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