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Geoinformatic modelling of climatic regionalization was based upon data input from thirty years measurement series of temperatures and rainfalls in climatological stations from 1961 to 1990, and on the utilization of absolute and corrected altimetric data, resp. the routine statistical techniques were applied in solution with direct measurements – annual mean temperatures and rainfalls. The different modifications of sum succesion method were used to the formation of mediational quantities – the duration of period with prevalence of temperatures and duration of main drought period. Influence of morphometric characteristic of slope, exposition, solar exposure, convex and concave terain configuration asserted. The regresive relations constitute another factors of modelling, in them the absolute and corrected heights create the independent variable. Transformation of coordinates were realized with small spatial unit of processing – 100 x 100 m(ha), with transition across ellipsoids, spatial interpolation of direct and mediational quantities, and data homogenization. Resulting database files can possible applicate at other projects.

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