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The Self-Firm and Cooperative Projects


The digital elevation model of terrain (DEM) was constructed from SPOT satelite image data (spatial resolution 10 meters) of the east by south area from Prague. DEM was calculated on principle of stereo effect of the couple image data. The data were rectified to the coordinate S-42 system for accuracy increasing of DEM calculation with accuracy about 1 pixel – positron error is consistent with maximum data resolution – about 11 metres, accuracy in height is about 7 metres. The extraction algorithm worked with denaries of input parameters and verification procedures, resp. the firm develop the elevation models construction from the common independent images.
Firma pracuje na konstrukci výškových modelů z běžných nezávislých snímků.
elev-model1-m.gif, 5 kB elev-model2-m.gif, 5 kB

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