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Geoinformation systems are intended for storage, updating, organization, analysis, synthesis and vizualization of all forms of the spatial and localized deographical, geological, ecological and other data.

ARETIN GEOINFORMATICS realize developing and designing works at these GIS applications:

  • creation and maintainance of map production
  • landscape planning
  • natural resources management
  • evaluation of environment and ecological research
  • price mapping
  • demographic and socioeconomic mapping for investment decision - making
  • road - traffic safety
  • macro - economic location studies
  • geological, ecological and others regionalizations
  • socioekonomic regionalizations for investment decision - making
  • location bases for warning and security systems, crisis management
  • systems of traffic servicing
  • utilization in economic sphere - modelling and simulation, vertical or horizontal market connections
  • selection of thematic localized data according to user requirements and another selections all the time on level of state, region and place


Evapotranspiration modelling

csp_regiony-m.gif, 5 kB

Precipitation is one element of water balance and evapotranspiration like vapour from different surface type especially standard grassing is further significant element of water balance.

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