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Aretin Geoinformatics, Ltd., was founded in 2000. The name of the company was inspired by Pavel Aretin of Ehrenfeld, geodesist and cartographer who had lived in the Old Town of Prague in the 17th century.

The company offers to our clients a wide and various range of activities with special focus on geoinformation systems, remote sensing of the Earth and digital cartography.

The effectiveness of our work can be illustrated with the results of our own, as well as cooperative projects. Various examples could be mentioned, such as climatic regionalization, regional, evapotranspirational and topological modeling, elevation models formation, but also restoring and reconstruction of old maps.

We have also been dealing with the development and administration of the www pages for renowned companies, and with the search engines optimization (SEO) recently. At the same time, we have been providing the support for specialized computer systems.

The company’s priority is the individual approach to our clients, with the aim of meeting their needs and interests in the best possible way.

Lukas Moravec - Company executive


Evapotranspiration modelling

csp_regiony-m.gif, 5 kB

Precipitation is one element of water balance and evapotranspiration like vapour from different surface type especially standard grassing is further significant element of water balance.

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